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Our Story

Originally founded in 2007, a deep love of florals and artistry have remained the backbone of our company. Whether working on a full scale production or designing an intimate gathering, our team of talented designers pour all of their dedication into creating the most magical event each time. The attention to detail and creative longevity within our team is unmatched.

As a full service studio, our main goal is to create the most inspired and exquisite designs for our clients, all while delivering a memorable experience from start to finish. Creating for and with our clients is an opportunity that we truly cherish. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best and most beautiful flowers at reasonable rates to ensure our clients are filled with lasting satisfaction and excitement.

The opportunity to turn your dreams into a reality through our innovative designs and creative team is something we strive for. Our expertise in all special events, both social and corporate, combined with our passion for flawless florals will make your event truly one of a kind.